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Adventure Site Collection 1

Adventure Site Collection 1

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The Adventure Site Collection 1 is a group of 12 different adventure site maps for GMs to fill with beasts and treasure. My hope is that these can inspire GMs with some fun one-shot style adventures! All of these are hand drawn, and most were drawn on real paper and then scanned, a much different process than my normal "all digital" methods.

When I first got into 5th Edition D&D, I remember being disappointed when one of the game's books had all black & white maps, but I've come to realize that they are GREAT at the table and for quick inspirations, and huge dungeons don't  need the details on the map all the time. This release is an exploration of that idea.


Many of the grids are drawn with "10ft squares" in mind (instead of my usual 1 inch = 5 feet), though I've left off scales so you can use them as desired. To keep things interesting, I've done a "cut-away" view for the Wreck of the Fallen Angel map. Each map comes in B&W and a "parchment" style.

Adventure Site Collection 1 map variations (various LARGE sizes; Hi-res JPEG files) include:

  • Cave of the Crab Crone
  • Ziggurat of the Sleeping Eye
  • Dungeon of the Dark Star
  • Temple to Cthogru
  • Wreck of the Fallen Angel
  • Storm Crow Bay
  • Shrine of the Ancient Frog
  • The Water Slide Delta
  • Cavern of the Iron Obelisk
  • Lord of Sands Village
  • Cenote
  • Mesoan City Ruins


Foundry VTT Module

V11 - Sound effects, lighting and walls. Global illumination is often turned on, and sound effects can be turned off from the sound tab.

Installation guide:


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