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Anchor Island

Anchor Island

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In any seafaring campaign, you'll need all sorts of ships. Once those have been gathered, you need destinations for them to visit, and the most used of these? Islands! Cursed ruins abound, tropical beasts can lurk behind every tree, and the players are positive there's a treasure chest buried somewhere nearby. So, as the first of a series of island maps designed to fill this need, I created the Anchor Island map set!


To cover a wide range of situations, there are 11 variations for Anchor Island. Among the options, I've included a version with a shattered shipwreck; with and without buildings; and an almost entirely blank version, to allow for better customization. All are non-gridded, hi-res JPEG files. 


Anchor Island map variations (50 x 50, Hi-res JPEG files) include:

  • Anchor Island: Camp, Day
  • Anchor Island: Camp, Night
  • Anchor Island: Day
  • Anchor Island: Empty with Buildings
  • Anchor Island: Empty, No Buildings
  • Anchor Island: Haunted
  • Anchor Island: Night
  • Anchor Island: No Trees
  • Anchor Island: Rain
  • Anchor Island: Shipwreck
  • Anchor Island: Sunset


Foundry VTT Module

v11. The Foundry module is updated to v11, and includes sound effects; lighting for water, waves, fire and rain; walls and fog effects. Global illumination is on.


This set was designed to work very well with the Oceans, Islands, and Ships set, so you can mix and match terrain features, coast lines, larger islands, etc.


Installation guide:

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