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Atlantis Temple and Dungeon

Atlantis Temple and Dungeon

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“Confronted at last with the Atlantis I had formerly deemed largely a myth, I was the most eager of explorers. At the bottom of that valley a river once had flowed; for as I examined the scene more closely I beheld the remains of stone and marble bridges and sea-walls, and terraces and embankments once verdant and beautiful.”  - The Temple, H.P. Lovecraft


Behold, an underwater ruin... part of the fabled city of Atlantis! This ancient legend has a place in every pirate or naval campaign, but I prefer the darker twist: Atlantis did not just fall into the sea: it was consumed by evil powers deep beneath the waves! From mountainside discovery to Lovecraftian nightmare ceremony, one of sixteen variations of the Atlantis Temple (8 from above, 8 displaying the temple interior) has you covered. May all your adventurers find Deep Ones invoking the Great Cthulhu within!

Oh, and those dark, ominous stairs at the back of the temple? Those lead down to the Atlantis Temple Dungeon – an ancient tidal dungeon, complete with 3 different water levels for every version. There are 15 versions of the dungeon as well, to better customize the likely outcome of your crew's explorations. The final boss room has several options too, from an ominous abyss/crack, an endless blue hole, and a blank version for you to create your own adventure. You will note a strong H. P. Lovecraft/Cthulhu vibe throughout, and I've included a "magic item" in the chamber near the center of the map: an anti-water sphere that repels the rising tide. Lucky players might find it in time as the water level magically rises, threatening to drown them all.

I've included Mörk Borg versions of the map with that gritty, neon vibe! I will do many more maps in this style as they are fast, and MB players can keep that art-punk flail to the face aesthetic if they want. 


Atlantis Temple (Upper & Lower) variations include:

  • Underwater - Upper
  • Underwater - Lower
  • Lovecraft Coast - Upper
  • Lovecraft Coast - Lower
  • Grassy Mountainside - Upper
  • Grassy Mountainside - Lower
  • Tropical Jungle Coast - Upper
  • Tropical Jungle Coast - Lower
  • Lovecraft Submerged - Upper
  • Lovecraft Submerged - Lower
  • Lovecraft Portal - Upper
  • Lovecraft Portal - Lower
  • Lovecraft Day - Lower
  • Lovecraft Day - Upper
  • Lovecraft Night - Lower
  • Lovecraft Night - Upper

  • Also includes 11 Statue & Statue Fragment Assets

Atlantis Dungeon variations include: 

  • Underwater
  • No Water
  • Blue Hole - Underwater
  • Blue Hole - Flooded
  • Hole
  • Crack - Flooded
  • Crack - No Water
  • Crack - Underwater
  • Empty - Flooded
  • Empty - No Water
  • Empty - Underwater
  • Flooded
  • Mörk Borg - Flooded
  • Mörk Borg - No Water
  • Mörk Borg - Underwater


Foundry VTT Module

v11. The Foundry VTT Module includes all maps with dynamic lighting, sound effects and walls preset, ready to play. For this module, Multilevel Tokens & Always Show Notes are required.

 Installation guide:

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