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Landing Page Kit for VTTs

Landing Page Kit for VTTs

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Between VTT battles, your players should have something on the screen to enhance the gaming experience – and keep them focused. So I created this Landing Page Kit to customize your virtual tabletop game's perfect starting point. With 6 pre-made page versions and over 40 drag & drop assets, you'll be fully equipped to set up your game's base of operations, and track game details with it as well.


Features include:

  • 6 pre-made pages (4k JPEG files)
  • Over 40 drag and drop assets and backgrounds
  • A compass with a rotatable Wind Gauge to show which way the wind is blowing.
  • A clock with 6 zones and a rotatable clock hand. Perfect for tracking Watches in The Dark of Hot Springs Island or Clocks in Neverland 5e.
  • Paper, notes, books, and blank maps. There is a blank map with the inside cut out so you can overlay it on one of you own maps and match the style.
  • "Open ocean" and "docks" tiles for holding ship tokens (I've even animated the water in the Foundry version)
  • PC cards for showing name, class, and core stats. 5e D&D and Pirate Borg versions included.
  • Reputation/Loyalty Tracker. Drag on tokens from factions and NPCs to track how much like like or dislike you.
  • Treasure chests to drop a link to the parties loot.
  • Knives, hats, skulls, spyglasses, and more.
  • A collection of frames to display info: kraken, wood, bones

Foundry VTT Module

As I mentioned, I've animated the water tiles for Foundry. There's also lighting effects preset, and spinning dials on the wind gauge and clock face. Nearly all the work of setting up the page is done for you! Tile Scroll Module required. 

v11 - Comes with 8 Scenes with lighting, text boxes and available mood sound effects. Updated 11/6/23 added Pirate Borg style page with current Dark Caribbean map and character cards, and mood sound FX. Tile Scroll used for animating water effect.

Installation guide:

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