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PIRATE BORG Foundry VTT Module

PIRATE BORG Foundry VTT Module

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Classes, weapons, roll tables, NPC and monster actors, ship actors, and scenes. The adventure as well as all of the core sections of the book are setup as journals, and the digital maps and asset pack scenes are configured with walls and lighting.

Package Includes

  • 15 unique scenes showing off adventure locations, generic maps to use for sea combat, and theater of the mind images to immerse your players.
  • 155 pirates and ships for your players to engage with
  • Over 100 tokens with unique art
  • 56 journal entries walking you through the Curse of Skeleton Point adventure, content generators, potions, equipment, and more
  • 134 roll tables with options for building characters, ships, enemies, jobs and quests, treasure, uncharted islands, potions and tons more
  • 100+ tokens for monsters, NPCs, random pirates, and ships for naval combat.

This is *not* the same as the Foundry VTT PIRATE BORG System, which will is free to all and installable via the Foundry VTT main screen. This module adds art, roll tables, scenes, actors, and the adventure.

Note: Foundry VTT not included. This will be delivered as Foundry VTT content code you can enter into your application.

Required modules: Scene-packer, Compendium folders, sometimes it required Lib wrapper (v10), 

Installation guide:

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