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The Tortuga town map brings your crew to the famed pirate haven. This base of operations for numerous buccaneers became a fortified harbor to defend Brethren interests. Tortuga played host to pirates from England, Portugal, and even as far as Holland, all lured by tales of Caribbean riches.

This set will soon be followed by a battle map of the fort (exterior and interior), and there is a bunch of content for Tortuga planned in The Dark Caribbean (coming to Kickstarter in 2024). Stay tuned!


Tortuga town map variations (all scenes are 37x27; Hi-res JPEG files) include:


  • Cozy
  • Day
  • Grim
  • Haunted Fort
  • Haunted
  • Night
  • Old Map
  • Red Lantern District
  • Black & White


    Foundry VTT Module

    For Foundry v11. Sound effects and lighting are preset. Global illumination is turned on.

    Installation guide:

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