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Wretched Port Generator

Wretched Port Generator

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The Wretched Port Generator is the second of five port themes that will be in my next book, The Dark Caribbean (coming to Kickstarter in 2024). All five generators will have asset kits like this, so you’ll be able to craft an infinite number of drag-and-drop port scenes, and then generate details about them with a few dice rolls. Perfect for theater-of-the-mind style VTT game sessions, these scenes will let your players visualize the setting in more vivid detail, without forgetting that one shop you mentioned with the important NPC.


I’ve included 12 premade scenes, a PDF of the Wretched Port generator from the book, and over 60 assets that you can drag and drop either in your VTT or in an application like Photoshop, GIMP, or MS Paint.


Wretched Port variations (all scenes are 28x16; Hi-res JPEG files) include:


  • Cliffside - Day
  • Cliffside - Glowing Tower
  • Cliffside - Grim
  • Cliffside - Haunted
  • Cliffside - Night
  • Island - Day
  • Island - Grim
  • Island - Haunted House
  • Island - Haunted
  • Island - Night 
  • Ruins - Day
  • Ruins - Glowing
  • Ruins - Grim
  • Ruins - Light Tower
  • Ruins - Night
  • Shipwreck City - Day
  • Shipwreck City - Fog
  • Shipwreck City - Grim
  • Shipwreck City - Haunted
  • Shipwreck City - Night


    Foundry VTT Module

    All maps have sound effects and lighting. Global illumination is on. Some lights turn on at .2 lightning. Asset Library and Demo included.


    Installation guide:

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